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Escort in Istanbul in my Hotel Room

Hi, Here is Brief of my first meeting with escort in Istanbul. My eyes were twinkled as the door opens. That Istanbul escort was really blessed with true beauty. Here is a part of my conversation with escort in Istanbul. You can also find this conversation as top 10 facts about Istanbul Escort: Me: Hi, My name is Steve, I am from California, US. Cori: (Childlike) Hi, I am Cori I am a Turkish Man and lived in Near Hagia Sofia,Istanbul. Escort in Istanbul: (In a sweet voice) Hi my name I Lina. Ta3a la 3ande ne7dar IT, khayfe ehdaro wahde.

Me: I was like hmm??? What??? Istanbul Escort: I am here to have sex with I am from a big escort Istanbul agency. I was a little shy at that time but her statement released all of my shyness at that moment. That escort Istanbul was really straight forward and open minded. I decided to have a glimpse about her business and what are the specs of escort in Istanbul. Me: I have few question, if you don’t mind can I get answer of those?? Lina: Yes please. …